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2025-06-04 09:19 am

Friends only!

Comment to be added!

I'm not picky. Really. I don't bite either. If we have a few things in common and you think we might get along, just drop me a line, maybe tell me a thing or two about yourself and I'll most probably add you back! Comments are screened.

You're just here for my fic?

Then [ profile] hallelujah_goat is the place to go! You can also find my works on AO3.
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2015-07-27 12:28 pm

Little clean-up

Just a little heads-up that I'm going to clean up my flist a little bit. I'm only going to cut inactive journals or journals I don't interact with at all. But by all means, if I cut you and you're still around, just quiet, and want to keep reading, just drop me a line and I'll add you again :) Comments are screened.

ETA: All done!
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2009-05-05 11:40 am

OMFG first update!

Don't get too excited, just testing. For now I'm staying faithful to LJ, so no crossposting yet. Gotta figure everything out first, but I don't have time to do it properly right now.